Coronavirus Update

 Please Call 301-289-7722 to Schedule a TeleVisit 
Extended TeleVisit hours: 
Mon – Fri 7am – 9pm
Sat – Sun 8am -3pm
If you have mild or no symptoms,  please stay home. 
If you have moderate cold and/or fever, please call our office. If you are severely ill with severe chest pain, severe shortness of breath, cannot finish a sentence due to shortness of breath or high fever over 104 please call 911.
If you are over 65 or have other risk factors for severe disease, like COPD, Asthma, please avoid going out in public.

Please Call for Appointment: 301-289-7722

Please check back for updates on this situation. 

Not sure what you need? We encourage our patients to ask questions in order to be informed about their medical conditions and treatment plans.